Winner: 2018 FWR "Outstanding Contribution to Wealth Management Thought Leadership"


Drama. Dialogue. Decisions.

Shaking The Tree Interactive Productions is a nonprofit organization with a unique theater-based approach to enriching inter-generational conversations about wealth and purpose. Since 2000, our live productions have inspired meaningful insights into the challenges facing affluent families and their advisors. 

Our Living Case Studies are multi-layered stories that explore complex topics such as family business succession, family governance and decision-making, philanthropy and the dynamics of inherited wealth. 

We bring intimate family stories to life – and life to family stories.

(Photo above: "The Reluctant Cinderella" - one of Shaking the Tree's first plays)

What Audiences Had to Say About Shaking the Tree

“A must-see for anyone working with wealthy families. This is a powerful presentation.”  

“I was uncertain about this at first, but it turned out to be a great session.” 

“Excellent interaction that developed good discussion and group work.”     

“An all too familiar scenario....great learning tool."

“Fabulous! Very realistic.” 

"Very helpful. Good way to illustrate tough issues."

Video Clip: "The Big Payday"

The patriarch of a three generation family has just sold the family business. The family meets to wrestle with the fair vs. equal inheritance dilemma while it explores building a legacy through gifting and a family foundation. How do family members communicate values and plan their futures in an atmosphere clouded by lack of communication and by competing purposes and needs? 

(more video clips on Living Case Study page)