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Our Services

Live Theatrical Productions


There is nothing like a live theatrical production by Shaking the Tree to thrill and engage the audience. These plays have been used as the centerpiece for both private (family) and industry events – keynote presentations, facilitated workshops. 

At the end of each live play, the audience is encouraged to question the actors, who reply in character, providing a realistic discussion, and an opportunity to more fully explore thoughts, motivations and interpersonal dynamics.

 For almost two decades various organizations have used Shaking the Tree’s Living Case Studies to enhance their events to make them more memorable and more rewarding:

  • An annual private bank conference: an entertaining and thought-provoking keynote after the opening plenary, that establishes a reference case that other presenters use throughout the conference.
  • A family foundation conference workshop: to provide grant-makers with a thought-provoking case study on consensus and change in a foundation transitioning to the next generation.
  • A client appreciation dinner: where dessert is accompanied by an entertaining case, followed by an audience exploration of the latest trends in family giving.
  • A middle eastern family business retreat: business-owning families members explore the dynamics of succession and governance.

Clients can choose an existing script or have a new script written specifically for their event. We encourage a minimum of six to twelve months advance planning. 

(Photo: "The Accidental Team" play)

Video-based Workshops


 The flexibility of the video format allows us to bring the Shaking the Tree experience to groups as small as 25 or 50, or as large as 200.  We can provide our customized facilitation for family groups, professional associations, and conference breakouts or plenary sessions, wherever there is a gathering interested in using our dramatic themes and facilitation to serve their particular learning goals. 

 Our customized facilitation draws out the themes that fit your learning goals.  In small groups, participants compare reactions to the emotional stories, exploring family relationships and decision-making at a rare level of depth and intimacy. In small groups, participants compare reactions to the emotional stories, exploring family relationships and decision-making at a rare level of depth and intimacy. 

 We can address a wide spectrum of subject areas including family systems learning, wealth management education, trust law design and management, family business governance, professional ethics, impact investing, and philanthropic mission design and implementation. 

We currently have four plays adapted for a video-workshop format. Short excerpts of these videos can be found on our Home Page and on The Living Case Study page. 

Clients can choose a keynote presentation or a half-day workshop. We encourage a minimum of three to six months advance planning. 

TESTIMONIAL: “The film was even better than I expected. There were so many levels that the moderator, Paul McKibbin, brought to light.”

(Photo: Co-Founder, Maryann Fernandez, facilitating an event)

Our Clients


For almost 20 years, we have had the privilege of working with incredible partners across the U.S. and abroad. Aside from private families, here is a cross-section of our former clients. 

Financial Services Firms

Citigroup, Harris Private Bank, UBS Financial Services, Glenmede Trust Company, Raylign Advisors, Clifford Swan Investment Counselors, The Family Office (Middle East), Mimox A.G. (Switzerland) 

Industry Associations and Conference Companies

The Institute for Private Investors, Family Office Exchange, Campden Publishing, Institute for International Research, Estate Planning Council of New York, Purposeful Planning Institute, Collaboration for Family Flourishing 

Philanthropy and Fundraising

Council on Foundations, National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, Wealth & Giving Forum, Planned Giving Council of Broward County,  The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy Program at The American College of Financial Services

Educational Institutions

The Family Business Program of Columbia Business School  

For More Information

We look forward to talking with you about your event or educational session. For pricing  and  workshop details, please contact us directly through the "Contact Us" page.